Beezid Scam

What is Beezid?
Beezid is a source for exciting auction shopping and unbelievable deals on different products!

Beezid offers an innovative alternative to online shopping called penny auctions. Whether you're new to penny auctions or an experienced bidder, you've come to the right place. is renowned for being a user-friendly hotspot for both penny auction newbies and bidding vets. Every single day, hundreds of people like these win auctions on Beezid, taking advantage of thousands in savings.


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Beezid Reviews - Consumer Reviews of
206 reviews of Beezid At first I was not sure about and if it would be worth my while or not. Beezid is simply thieves, not even Bright scammers.

Is beezid a scam? Or is beezid legit?
Its not a scam - but there is a chance you could spend money and not win anything. Its a penny auction website. How it works. Review – Is Beezid a Scam? - Best Penny Auction Sites
Yes, you can lose money on, but beezid is not a scam. They are a new type of competitive game called penny auctions. Beezid is a penny auction.

Are Sites Like Beezid a Scam? Not Entirely, But Yes.
I was traveling this past weekend, down to Indianapolis for a family gathering, and given my proclivity to stay in hotels while traveling. is a total scam, beware! Internet - Ripoff Report.
Consumer Comment: BEEZID EMPLOYEE?
Consumer Comment: Not a Scam But Buyer Beware. Reviews - Legit or Scam? - Reviewopedia is a popular penny auction site that has recently started advertising on TV, making it one of the larger auction sites.

Beezid – scam or legitimate?
After seeing all the ads for Beezid penny auctions, I decided to see what it was about.

Beezid Reviews: Beezid Penny Auction Scam?
Is Beezid a scam? Read reviews, tips and more from customers.

Beezid Review - Just How Legit Is Beezid? Penny Decisions
Beezid is one of the most well known penny auction sites on the Internet. You see them on the Tv and all over the web.

Is BEEZID a SCAM? - Askville
They sell bids for an average of 70 cents a bid. I JUST saw the commercial and just read this article.

Is QuiBids a scam like Beezid? - Askville
Well, yes. All penny auctions are scams. Quibids is no different. Yes, you do get the item for a really low bid, but what people forget is that at Quibids.

BEEZID.COM scam or genius - Instructables
BEEZID.COM scam, or genius. Well, Its both. This is a new website that works like ebay, but all of the items are BRAND NEW.

Is Beezid Scam Or Legit? - Our Roots
This Is How You Can Protect Yourself From The Beezid Scam Even If You Try The Site. Check Out The Beezid Reviews On How To Bid Safe.

Lindsay Lohan promotes controversial penny auction site Beezid.
Jump online to and get shopping, Lohan recently wrote on consumers of online scams, gives Beezid a 1.5 out of 4-star rating.

Beezid's "Guaranteed Win"! Beezid Penny Auction Review scam?
Become a Winner with Beezids Guaranteed Win! When you first joined, you may have seen instant success with some great wins.

Beezid. SlideShare
Beezid is also making a name for itself. The advantage with established sites is that you know for sure they are not a scam.

Beezid cherry auction scam - Penny Auction Site Bidder Reviews.
Beezid cherry auction scam - posted in Penny Auction Site Bidder Reviews. Discussion: Why is no one reporting this?

3 BEEZID Complaints and reviews. Pissed Consumer
3 BEEZID Complaints and reviews from real people. I have contacted my credit card company about this scam. Top Scams
Tough economic times are, unfortunately, boom times for scammers, as people desperate for money and jobs let down their guards.